Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Weekend Damage: 11/22

Check back here every Monday for the latest, the greatest, and the strangest news in the Mystery World (please ignore the fact that this is posted on Tuesday, the idea just smacked me in the face). Just like this beautiful, dirty city that houses the Mysterious Bookshop, the Crime Fiction world never sleeps (especially on the weekends). Here are my favorite beginning of the week happening my sleuthy friends!

Alex's Top 5 after the Jump.

1. Mystery king pins Stephen King, Lee Child and Haruki Murakami have been nominated for the Literary Review's annual Bad Sex in Literature Award. Judging by the size of each of these novelist's newest books, it seems the rumors are ture: size doesn't matter... (via Huffington Post)

2. Once upon a time (aka Autmn 2011), author Roberto Bolano mentioned a B-Grade Horror Zombie flick in his short story "The Colonel's Son" published in Granta's Horror Issue. Much to our morbid glee, some beautiful human (Owen Freeman) made an animated movie inspired by Bolano's Piece. Watch it, while you still have eyes. (via GalleyCat)

3. Just as I thought, Pedro Almondovar's newest (and most twisted) film, The Skin I live In is.... well, it's Awesome.

The film takes all the trappings of a finely-crafted mystery-- a femme fatale, a terrible betrayal, a missing vagabond, and a handsome leading man hell bend on revenge-- and totally turns it on its head. This movie had so many twists, my mind needed a chiropractor when all was said and (un)done.

4. I loved this Michael Connolley interview in the Irish Examiner, where he talks about his childhood, writing process and, naturally, the release of his newest book, The Drop. Oh yea, in case you didn't know, we are one of four shops that will be privvy to signed editions of the newest Harry Bosch novel! Read the article here and get excited. Preorder your copy by visiting our website.

5. If the Irish are know for anything, it's potatoes, spirits (not only the liquid ones), and terse, gnarly crime fiction. Alan Glynn won the Irish Book Award for crime fiction for his novel, Bloodland. I'd drink to that. (via Detectives Beyond Borders)


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