Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jeff Lindsay Talks Dexter With Sally Owen

Bestselling author Jeff Lindsay dropped by the store this week to sign copies of his new novel DEXTER BY DESIGN and Sally got a chance to ask the creator of Dexter a few choice questions.

Jeff Lindsay talks about the differences between the book's Dexter vs. the TV Dexter.

Here Mr. Lindsay talks about next year's Dexter novel!

Finally, Jeff Lindsay humorously responds to the question "Would Dexter be better off now if he'd been hugged as a child?"

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Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Thanks for sharing these videos. I'm a fan of the Showtime Dexter series, and I've always wanted to read his books - so thanks for the reminder! Jeff has quite a sense of humor.
How lucky for your customers to receive an autographed copy of his latest book.