Wednesday, August 27, 2008

October Paperback Highlights

October is just around the corner. It's one of my favorite times of the year. The weather get's crisper, the days grow shorter and the publisher's release the really weird and dark mysteries just in time for Halloween! This season offers some welcome reissues of all kinds- both classics and a few looked over titles that are worth a reread.

My favorite October reissue has to be THE OTHER by Thomas Tryon (Millepede Press, $17.00). If you around in the 1970's, you must remember this horror classic and the intense film based on it. Suffice it to say, this was the darkest portrayal of the secret goings-on in small town America since Shirley Jackson's THE LOTTERY and no one looked at twins exactly the same way again after reading this classic.

While we are talking about classics back in print, check out the classic gothic thriller, THORNYHOLD by Mary Stewart (Chicago Review Press, $12.95). This is old school gothic at it's best. A young woman inherits a house and her new neighbors all naturally think she's a witch and treat her accordingly. Great for Halloween reading.

Speaking of reissues, Soho Press is bringing back two for two this fall.

Two classics by the beloved late Magdalen Nabb are back: THE MARSHALL'S OWN CASE (Soho Press, $14.00) and THE MARSHALL MAKES A REPORT (Soho Press, $14.00).

Also coming back are two early Victorian age historicals by Peter Lovesey: WOBBLE TO DEATH (Soho Press, $14.00) and THE DETECTIVE WORE SILK DRAWERS (Soho Press, $14.00).

Another must read for fans of great writing is THE JOURNAL OF JOYCE CAROL OATES (Harper Perennial, $16.95).

Finally an October paperback original sure to excite hardboiled fans is THE FIRST QUARRY by Max Allan Collins (Hard Case Crime, $6.99). This is the never before published prequel to the cult hitman series- a must for Quarry fans!

Lots to read as the nights grow longer and the ghosts come out to play!


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